Whats App application now supports iPhone 5 and iOS 6

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The messaging application WhatsApp has offered one of the most anticipated updates to the public, which includes support for Apple terminals, iPhone 5 and version 6 operating system iOS .

The update of WhatsApp comes nearly two months after the disposal of the new terminal of Apple iPhone 5. This delay has caused many users decide to try other alternatives that are launched as messaging applications with the same services of WhatsApp.

Besides all this, the update of WhatsApp reaches iTunes uneventful apart from the added support for iOS 5 and iPhone 6. After several months of waiting for developments and improvements in the application, many users expected to receive a number of enhancements and options that complement the service offered by the company.

The last update of the application for phones with iOS included anencryption system so that messages traveling between devices via WiFi or mobile network in encrypted form. In addition to encryption, the update included the automatic download of images , which reach the phone automatically, without the user requests the download.

WhatsApp  is a messaging program that works over the Internet and can communicate with users of different platforms like  iOS ,  Android  or  Nokia . The version for Android  is gratutia the first months, but  the iPhone  costs 0.89 euros.

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