Smartphones are replacing Java-games

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In mid-summer, the company’s revenue from sales of games for mobile phones written in Java, was lower than that of game applications for smartphones. These results were recorded in the study of the analytical company.

– There were many Java-games that sold well and are still being sold, .– This is a class of games, there are about one thousand, but this market starts to fall due to the fact that the game was released for smartphones.They are distributed on other models, and these models in the current environment are more successful. 

– Java-games belong to the previous generation of entertainment products for mobile devices – the head of publishing mobile games. – The share of smartphone penetration in the country is still low (around 30%, according to analysts), but they are getting cheaper, so Java-games are gradually fading.

– Java-games can no longer compete on the quality of the story and pictures from the games for mobile operating systems .

– Games for Smartphones is rapidly catching up with the gaming capabilities and the quality of projects for consoles and PC, so budgets and time- s e and effort required to create a game for a smartphone is much higher. But the future of mobile gaming AAA class: the audience grows, smart phones become more powerful.

Games AAA class – a high-quality game with a big budget. The first free mobile game of the AAA class, created was “Juggernaut- App Store, and a month after the release of a small took the mark of 1 million downloads.

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