Apple and Motorola could make peace soon

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It seems that the dispute by patent issues could be coming to an end. From Cupertino are trying to avoid clashes with other companies and talk of a possible deal between Apple and Motorola.

It is clear the new direction taken by Apple in relation to patent lawsuits. A week ago we knew the agreement with HTC , to avoid legal disputes for ten years . So enter some$ 300 million and is unlikely to be the last. Very soon we might see a new agreement between Apple and Motorola, a subsidiary of Google.

Both companies are engaged in talks aimed at reaching an understanding about the use and transfer of patents.As we read in earlier , both Apple and Motorola have sent proposals to this end. The Cupertino prefer to do so through arbitration , which would lead to a global agreement between the two companies, something that seems really interesting. Google and Motorola are satisfied, but want to leave out some aspects of this global agreement.

Recall that earlier this month, Apple offered to pay Google a dollar for every device sold . This sought to settle the alleged violation of patents related to the way smartphones connect to wireless networks. From Potential new agreement follows the will of both parties to put aside the courts and focus its efforts on further innovation.

Samsung would remain so as the only competitor in the legal battle Apple patents. The Korean company has already stated its firm intention not to sign any agreement with the Cupertino. This dispute has left us several episodes as the obligation to publish an apology from Apple in the UK or the conviction of 1,000 million dollars imposed by a judge in the U.S. to Samsung.

We believe that leaving aside the legal battles will allow companies to focus on what really matters, innovation. We look forward to this potential deal between Apple and Google. If signed, Who do you think benefits?

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