Apple releases OS X Server to OS X Mountain Lion on the Mac App Store

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Few hours ago Apple has released OS X Mountain Lion on the Mac App Store , but it was not the only novelty, also released on the App Store Mac OS X Server as a separate application for OS X Mountain Lion.

Thus, Apple makes it compatible with OS X Server Mountain Lion by a generic application that can download from the Mac App Store. Apple’s purpose is to provide with this application more easily to any user when to turn a Mac into a server. A lens focused to facilitate the penetration of OS X operating system of choice for office environments or school environments.

The features most important application as provided by this server can be summarized in:

  • File Sharing : File sharing for Mac, PC and iPhone, file services AFP, SMB and WebDAV, permits flexible access to files and searches with Spotlight.
  • Managing Wikis : Wiki server, page editor, access control, labels and comments, revision history, document exchange and preview with Quick Look.
  • Profiles management : configuration and management for OS X and IOS, wireless entry, device management, mobile management console and Web-based self-service portal to remove passwords and lock remotely.
  • Time Machine : Backup Macs on your network and support for backups of OS X.
  • Integration into Mail, Calendar and Contacts : security options such as SSL encryption, notifications push , schedule meetings and reservations, synchronize contacts and to authorize multiple users and other improvements.
  • Message server : encrypted instant messaging and chat rooms.
  • Virtual Private Networks : Remote access and VPN connections.
  • Server to host multiple web sites
  • Other features : support for Xsan, NetInstall and graphics support for real-time usage among others.

Among the most significant updates contained a larger amount of storage space in “The Cloud” (or The Cloud) thereby facilitating synchronization between multiple Apple products. In other words, it is possible to start a project on a Mac computer, and continue it in the car with your iPhone or iPhone.

Other new features would be the computer’s capacity to take dictation, the ability to send instant messages between computers, iPhones and iPads, a notification center that works for instant messaging, calendar, email, memos and any other application; and “Power Nap” (or Power Nap), an application to update the tools when the computer is in stand-by.

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