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Like it or not, is a reality that the information and the media have their origin in the paper. That world to advance analog where the content was vital to make the romantic gesture of turning a page. With the advent of the Internet, social networks, mobile phones and tablets all that had been forgotten but it is not. This is Flipboard , “social magazine” that makes the tedious task of reviewing the news (feeds), see the websites of most interest and reviewing social networking into something very entertaining .

As a magazine

The truth is when you have it installed on the mobile interface as friendly to “encourage” their usability. Simply move your finger in front of the application so that the sources of information and social networks (up to 12) are displayed as pages of a magazine. The sliding screen is great and the feeling of using a book or print medium is evident. In addition we can even adjust the font size which is key for many users.


Is buggy as discussed below, but no doubt that many users will captivate fluency with information integration. This has a number of squares or windows in which you add the content that interests you most. News, a social network, a video channel on YouTube or Google Plus source (something included in the latest version 1.9.6) are some of the options.Not to mention the option to integrate your news or feed, we did the same from Google Reader. If you do not want to put anything of yours can choose from hundreds of news from different sectors that proposes the application itself.



But the best, at least for us, is that everything that we said we did not have us to check in Flipboard. That is key. Many users have no problems in registering for these services, but there are a number that are not for the work and there are many sites and have had to register. How do you know then what we like or where the information of our social networks? It is easy, lets you integrate all services accounts that we discussed earlier. If you want to integrate your Reader account you authorize it and run. Same with a social network or a video channel. To do so, simply click on a small magnifying glass with a red tab that usually appear in the top of the screen. The power of search is very accurate, but when located users than Twitter or RSS feeds. In fact simply put, with the dot com, the web in which we find the RSS and is the first.


A pass is said

Once in a news or content that we have selected many things we can do with it besides read. We retuitearla, bookmarking it on twitter or share the link to another application (Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox …) We can also read it later services like Instapaper,  Pocket  or Readability , in fact we have recorded in Readability and theme works charm. In the case of adding a Google Plus account can also vote on, share and comment on what is published.



In summary

A simple and smooth to know everything happening on your social networks in the world and in your long around.Displays all as if it were an interactive magazine.


Content source Graphic social networking aggregator and news
Minimum required OS Android Froyo 2.2
Size 2.8 MB
Language Spanish
Conversion graphical content Option to view necessary because the web page viewer program not to load sometimes websites
Ease of use
Social networks and news in one application
Supports YouTube videos and Google Plus

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