Facebook Launches ‘Rooms’, an application to create anonymous communities

The creators want them to be “flexible” spaces in them the essence of the “old school” recovers Internet

facebook rooms

Facebook has introduced a new output Laboratories social network application. “Rooms” for creating forums to share messages, pictures on a common theme, without revealing the actual identity or having to explain social relations.

“One of the magical things in the early days of the Web was to connect with people who probably could not find in your everyday, forums, message boards and chat rooms that served as meeting places for people who were not necessarily social or geographical sharing connections, “said Josh Miller, creator of the application.

Today, Miller believes, people spend a lot of time on their phones connecting with friends and family, so that the “role of the Internet as a” third place “has begun to disappear.”

Taking the idea of the forums, Facebook Creative Labs has released “Rooms”, a program for creating spaces for people with similar interests share their concerns.

Each ‘room’ (room English) is handled similar to the way in which content is shared Facebook or Instagram. These ‘ rooms’ pictures are posted and linked to a common theme posts.

It is available only for iPhone, and there are “rooms” prefilled many subjects, such as photographs of shoes, meeting about rap or recipes of dishes to make at home.

” Not only are rooms dedicated to what you want , but the creators of rooms can control almost everything people see them. The rooms are designed to be flexible and creative tool (…) One of the things that we like the Internet is the potential it gives us to be who we want to be. No matter where you live, how you look or age, we are all the same metaphors and size anywhere. We want to create rooms that are liberating space, “notes Miller in the official blog of the ‘app’. Rooms aims to enable people to “express ways” that can not always be ‘present to their friends. “

Miller and his team joined Facebook in January when the networkbought his company Branch.


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