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The most valued elements when choosing a new smartphone model are, in this order, the battery , the design and size of the screen and the camera photo.

The first thing you should consider is the use to which it will provide and the price you are willing to pay . For this analysis we decided to focus on high-end devices, which are the most compete in performance, so the price will not be a variable.


The internal components of the phone, your processor and performance are critical. Obviously all high-end devices easily comply with the standards, but note the commitment of Samsung Galaxy S4 for eight-core processor, or iPhone 5S with its new A7 processor 64-bit, which makes the mobile is 30 % faster than the previous version of your device.


For a mobile recreational use, or for those who must navigate the internet much in the exercise of their profession, it is essential to have a good screen, not only in size but also of resolution. The screen tends to increase in the generation terminals, driven by the rise of phablet. But if we want to display, just a matter of recognizing and switch to these hybrid between tablet and phone, the phablet , dominated by the excellent series Samsung Galaxy Note 3 . We would go to the big phone as the late nineties, but now in exchange for screen and better graphics.


One of the most outstanding virtues of Android is the possibility of customization by the user, with almost endless options and a market share of 81% in apps. At the other end of the scale, the closed system of iPhone : rigid but stable, highly functional and easy to use.


Optical quality, high resolution sensors, image stabilizers, ultrasensitive sensors, utilities like slow motion, continuous shooting … cameras all high-end smartphones are the result of the fierce technological competition which are subjected manufacturers. The benefit: more performance for the user. As references, the Nokia Lumia , the S4 Galaxy Samsung, theiPhone 5S or HTC One .


For someone so used to answer emails and write texts of office, the comeback Blackberry -which augured little future-with its new model Q5 , in a renewed commitment to your physical keyboard as an alternative to touch. Convenient to use if it requires a great use of the keyboard .

The interpretations of the perfect mobile

With the performance of one or the other, it could make the perfect mobile:

  • 5 inch Full HD, like the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Eight-core processor, 64-bit
  • Lithium battery like the Sony Xperia
  • Aluminum body, like the HTC One and Iphone 5S
  • Speakers HTC One
  • Resistant to water and dust as the Sony Xperia X Ultra

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