Apple, Microsoft and other IT heavyweights discuss patent reform

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Representatives from Apple, Microsoft and other big technology companies have yesterday at the invitation of the UN belonging International Telecommunication Union (ITU) met in Switzerland to discuss the reform of patent law. The goal is to find ways to protect intellectual property without hindering innovation.

During discussions at the round table is also about improving the existing policy framework, legal rights to injunctions and the definition of the basis for royalties. It also aims to find ways to prevail standard relevant patents can without impeding competition, and appropriate licenses are offered on reasonable terms.

“We see a nasty trend of using standard patents relevant to the market,” said Hamadoun Touré , Secretary-General of the ITU. “The situation needs to be urgently reviewed: Patents are intended to encourage innovation and not to hinder.”

In the negotiations alongside standardization organizations also take part in important government officials and industry representatives. These include a report by the BBC , according except Apple and Microsoft, Samsung, Google, Research In Motion, Intel, Qualcomm, Philips, Huawei, Sony and Hewlett-Packard.

In technology patent lawsuits have become commonplace. Very often it is about rights for smartphones and tablets. Many of the companies, including Apple and Samsung, have sued each other. Other companies buy to strengthen their patent collections. One example is the acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google.

Google’s chief lawyer told the Wall Street Journal that his company walk a fine line while it is trying to reform the U.S. patent law. Basically, Google wants to ensure that the patenting of software is made more difficult in the U.S..

“Like other leading high-tech companies Microsoft regularly contributes to the development of industry standards,” it said in a statement from Microsoft . “Industry standards are essential for the development of the Internet and the interoperability between mobile devices and other computers. The international system works well because companies that contribute to standards, promise fair to their standard patents relevant third parties, and to provide reasonable non-discriminatory terms. Consumers and the entire industry will suffer if in defiance of that promise other are prevented from delivering on standards relevant patents, products building. “

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