Adobe has released Photoshop for smartphones

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Better late than never: today, Adobe today presented a version of Adobe Photoshop Touch Tablet for even smaller devices – smartphones. Version of Photoshop Touch for Phone is optimized for smartphone version of the previously presented Tablet Photoshop Touch. 



The classic Photoshop for Windows or Mac Touch-version is similar, but it has all the most popular editing functions. The company said that the modern smart phones with their 12 – or 16-megapixel cameras produce more high-quality photos, so the emergence of mobile Photoshop seems logical.Also in Adobe said that despite the fact that the smartphone version of the product is smaller and it is designed for more compact devices for its functionality, it is as good as tablet version.Works Mobile Photoshop under the operating system Android 4.0 and above or below for iOS iPhone 4S/iPod Touch Generation 5 and older. Plans for supporting Windows Phone yet. According to Adobe, the biggest difference between tablet and smartphone versions are the differences in the interface. At the same time, if the tablet version is $ 9.99 in a package of Creative Cloud, a version for mobile devices is worth 4.99 dollars. And, if you previously purchased a tablet version, it does not give you any license to use the version for smartphones for the same money – the latest will have to buy separately. Today Photoshop Touch smartphone is available in English, French, German and Japanese. 

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