Samsung smartphones would scrutinize our behavior

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Samsung have developed a service called Context which operate in part as a key-logger a device capable of recording keystrokes on the keyboard without the knowledge of the user. Context also would collect information as our use of applications and all our phone records via its sensors, according to sources .

Samsung then let this mass of data available to application developers. These in then would learn more about how we use our phones. Using these data, they could enrich their applications. As an example, the resources mentions the possibility for an audiovisual service to automatically forward a video football to a user who often research related to the sport. This technique would anticipate the content to provide and strengthen targeted advertising.

Context could earn a lot of money. According to information obtained by the resources , Context has been delayed several times due to disagreements over the potential of the service. If the gains in terms of advertising could be very interesting, as an intrusive technology could deter individuals from using smartphones from Samsung. However, it is “very uncertain that the service will be released one day,” says the resources.

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