How to migrate from iOS to Android: Eric Schmidt

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While iOS users typically stand to show your satisfaction with Apple’s operating system is more than likely that you are interested in trying out Android and yet not do it for fear of losing their data. To help these and of course also to try to steal the largest following the signing of Apple, Eric Schmidt , CEO of Google, has published a guide to migrate from iOS to Android .

The paper, published in the profile Google+ steering the company’s Mountain View, focuses on explaining how they should save all the data that the user has iPhone in iCloud and iTunes and move them to Google Drive to laterconfigure the device Android. Thus, the former CEO of Internet giant has encouraged the owners of an iPhone to go over to the green android operating system, and has said that “can be a great Christmas gift.”

Schmidt argues that recent Android Samsung, Motorola Nexus or 5 phones have  “better screens are faster and have a more intuitive interface” , and predicted that  users who switch ‘never again’and iOS that “everything will be saved in the cloud.” Moreover, he added that, according to surveys “80 percent of the world accepts Android.”

Also, the chief executive of Google has also taken to encourage users to stop using iOS Safari , the Apple browser native to the detriment of Chrome that “it is better and safer in many ways. “

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