Windows 8 Controller, control Windows 8 with your phone.

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If you have a PC with Windows 8 hardware do not have touch, try Windows 8 Controller , an application to turn your phone into a remote to control Windows 8 as if it were a tablet. Currently available for Android and Windows Phone, iOS version is coming.



To use Windows 8 Controller need to download and install Windows 8 machine with the application server , which is different depending on whether we are going to use a phone with Android or Windows Phone. In both cases it is a small file (0.5 MB), in format ZIP . Then we need the client application, available in the respective app stores.


Windows 8 Controller on Windows Phone

Features of Windows 8 Controller

Once you have both pieces of software installed on your PC and phone, open the corresponding executable, connect to the IP address that corresponds to the PC and voila, we have become the phone screen on a remote control to govern multi-touch Windows 8.

With Windows 8 Controller can perform with your fingers (up to five), the functions you would expect from a tablet (touch, drag and drop, zoom, cut and paste, rotate and use your finger like a mouse on the desktop ).

First screens of Windows 8 Controller version Android

We can also display the sidebar, open and switch applications Modern UI, close them, control the sound volume on Windows 8, scroll across the screen or display the touchpad. All exactly like a tablet.

The client application is to pay, although both Android and Windows Phone there is a free version with limited features that allow testing the spirit of Windows 8 Controller. The client for Android (2.2 or higher) costs € 1.47 and the one for Windows Phone (7.5 or higher), 1.49 euros. Yes, two cents difference.

So does Windows 8 Controller


The application server has no more mystery. Displays the IP address of the machine with Windows 8 and has a control to set some parameters, divided into three tabs. Only the first tab allows you to make adjustments to the free version (port number for the connection, mouse and touch sensitivity, and four checkbox). The other two, “Custom Tiles” and “Panic Button”, allow for adjustments in the paid version.

Windows Server 8 Controller module


The client part is the most exciting . Basically has two screens. The first is divided into three zones.At the bottom we have two controls, one to access the second screen, and one to display and hide the desktop applications that can throw that in the free version are the File Manager, Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, although shown.

In the same area will make the horizontal displacements. On the right we can deploy the “Charm Bar” and perform vertical displacements, and in the central move around Windows 8 . Imagine the “finger passes” to be performed in desktop mode with a 24-inch monitor and a 17. Well, it is the most common.

Customization Windows 8 Controller

The other screen, which we call Modern UI part, we have controls such as “tiles” to access the home screen, desktop, search, show all applications, shut down a running, etc.., in addition to the volume control, located on the right side of the screen.

There can also add shortcuts to certain functions, web applications, and system functions as pitchers, created in conjunction with the client application. Most of these features are available only in the paid version .

Windows 8 Controller, Android configuration

Windows 8 Controller, conclusions

I do not know to what extent it may make sense to control Windows 8 with a mobile. That did not enter because there are scenarios where it can be useful (if Windows 8 machine is connected to a TV, for example, and want to handle Windows 8 from the couch). What I would recommend is that, at least probéis the free version.

Server and client are lightweight applications that do not penalize the performance or the PC or the phone, and what is certain is that the user experience is at least curious. Windows 8 Controller does what it promises and does it well . Obviously, both server and client must be in the same network.Windows 8 Controller. Server and client are in English.


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