Vine reaches 40 million registered users

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The property of Twitter application, Vine that allow uploading videos up six secondshas reached 40 million users despite the fierce competition it has with Instagram, since the Facebook company decided to launch later July its own video service.

Vine App

Vine App

Vine had just over 13 million registered users early last June, so this is the most growth so far in just two months.However, this figure includes registered and active users.

Vine’s version for iOS was released in January this year , while the Android version had to wait a few more months. In June, when I came and had 13 million users, the app for Android hit the market, consolidate and with great success. This success stands today with the amount of 40 million users. ‘ve gotten more than triple the number of registered users in just two months.

In addition, in early July announced REVINE function , similar to ‘retweet. Its main competitor Instagram said that Vine has always been that for a time it was thought that would oust Twitter app because of the large number of registered users on Facebook and Instagram. However, and in light of this news, it seems that continues its leadership came in the top positions of the social video and has decided to stay.

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