The iPhone 5S will have a capacity of 128 GB

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Resources say that the next September 10 Apple will present the expected iPhone 5S with the new iPad . Later would be right in October when the Cupertino would release the iPhone 5C , a second device, in this case low cost, made ​​from plastic materials that would go on sale in different colors. Until that time comes, we have to keep alert to the rumors and leaks that seep from around the world. Today we have an important fact that has to do with memory , that provision must in any good  smartphone that boasts. And in this case the iPhone 5S not fall short. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo , Product Specialist at Apple , the next device would have a storage capacity of 128 GB .



It would be the first smartphone in the market to incorporate a storage capacity as wide. In fact, the latest models of iPhone presented only have come to have a memory of 64 GB , which is not bad. It must be said, however, that the iPad fourth generation is the only device that is marketed with a capacity of 128 GB . It is regrettable, in this sense, that the obstacle that users would encounter is the price. And is that taking into account the amounts with which Apple often label their products, the iPhone 5S of 128 GB would be sold for about $ 500 , which would be about 375 euros to change now. However, it is likely that the firm run the usual equivalence and end up selling the iPhone 5S of 128 GB in Spain for 500 euros , a significant sum that would make this device one of the most expensive ever have been marketed under grant that is, through the catalog major carriers.

But these are not the only news that will bring the iPhone 5S . The new smartphone from Apple will feature the new A7 processor along with 1 GB of RAM (LPDDR3). The company introduced various pieces of silicon designed by Apple , architecturally ARMv8 . In general, the device would allow us to enjoy a performance up to 20% more efficient than the existing A6x .

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