MySQL: two new connectors Java and C in Open Source

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In order to attract more developers, the specialist provider of MySQL, SkySQL, book new connectors for C and Java open source database.

While Oracle is increasingly singled out by the MySQL community, including his own ambitions sometimes based around Open Source, two new connectors for the data server for Java and C, are available under license from yesterday LGPL.They are made available by Monty Program, MariaDB editor (fork of MySQL) and its integrator partner SkySQL. 

Baptized MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications and MariaDB Client Library for C, these connectors allow applications to communicate both C and Java with databases MySQL MariaDB. SkySQL includes the maintenance and support of these connectors in its offer. “We saw strong demand for these connectors from the MySQL users. Hence our decision to publish in Open Source,” says Patrik Sallner CEO SkySQL to explain this process.

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