After Candy Crush, the new sensation at Facebook- Bitstrips

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The application is free placement on top of the Apple App Store, according to its creator it already has 20 million users worldwide. You certainly have seen on Facebook a few of your friends who use it. Bitstrips seems to be the recipe that recently the success of Candy Crush Saga, which has just celebrated its first anniversary .

But the comparison stops there because Bitstrips is not a game The application is available on both iOS and Android that Facebook allows you to create a cartoon avatar way and to stage in any sort of position . One way to make the “selfies” these self-portraits taken in any circumstance, nerdy.

Example: you want to wish a happy birthday to your best friend? Rather than post a simple message on his Facebook profile, you can represent it with a bouquet of flowers. You have trouble waking up in the morning? So you can put yourself on stage asleep in your bed and surrounded by clocks that have no effect on you.

And opportunities available seem almost endless. “Instead of posting the same thing that everyone can create something that refers to our life,” the Baltimore Sun Jacob Blackstock, creator of the application. He used to do it even before the idea to offer everyone. An initiative that has since helped 7.5 million Facebook users to share their creations 300,000 per day.

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