IPhone 5 vs Nexus 6 vs. Motorola X Phone

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 went on sale, and there are already many companies are rushing to file their smartphones as quickly as possible. The current market brings together a large number of candidates, and so far, among the favorites include: the new flagship of Samsung , the Nexus 5 , the Motorola X Phone and of course, the new iPhone. but still there is to know whether it will be the iPhone 6 or 5S . If you find yourself lost among so much technology and want to know the characteristics of each terminal melty.es writing brings you a summary of the technical specifications of the latest models to hit the market soon. 



Both Samsung Galaxy S4 , as Nexus and Motorola X will be Android phones, while the iPhone ‘s iOS. Importantly, except for the Samsung Galaxy S4 , all other phones have been submitted and all we know is the little information that has been given to them during these months. One terminal is the most anticipated Nexus 5 which with its features will become a very versatile phone .

For the great lovers of photography, the Google phone is the best choice, as they have partnered with Nikon to sell a device that provides images up to 16 megapixels. On the other hand, the Motorola X Phone is rumored, will be very similar to the Nexus in May and will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of four cores and a full HD 4.8 inch. Maybe the X Motorola is the first device to launch the Key Lime Pie and besides, there are already those who dare to predict that the new device will appear in the congress of Google. Another of the most anticipated releases of the season’s new iPhone. At the moment, it is unknown whether the company will launch apple 5S or 6, what we do know is that Apple could overtake the output of the next iPhone to keep its place in the market . Are you waiting for the output of these phones to get one? What is your favorite?


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