Cloak, an antisocial ‘app’ helps to prevent antisocial friends

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With widespread of Internet and devices connected to it everywhere, the number of extensions for  mobile applications, web services, browsers and other growing at a low pace. However, a very small number of such new releases gaining popularity, which is precisely the case of Cloak , an app launched this month.

Cloak is a mobile app available for iOS that in the phenomenon of “always connected” and the tremendous rise of social networks and connect us closer friends, acquaintances or even strangers  in the digital world, we proposed the opposite, use the check-ins and other social geolocation information to help us avoid unwanted encounters with our social media contacts .

Regarding the operation , it goes like this: Once downloaded and installed the application, it asks us to connect with our accounts Foursquare and Instagram (soon support more social networks), and once done that uses GPS our device and location data for the latest updates from our contacts in the mentioned networks to tell if any of them is close to the position where we geolocalies on a map and on that basis to avoid unwanted encounters.

And there the matter stands there, because in addition also define alerts associated with specific contacts (the boss that you do not swallow, that heavy ex-boyfriend, etc.). jumping when they approach any of us in a certain radius. In other words, provide a sort of “incognito mode” for real life.

“What a blunder”, will be thinking more than one. And perhaps in the eyes of many if it is rightly so, but sure to be interesting to others, as is that this is not a joke project because behind him is Chris Baker, who was creative director Buzzfeed and a while now has been working on various inventions “antisocial” as the extension Rather , promises to “get rid of the things I hate about Twitter and Facebook,” or service Hate with Friends helps determine “whether you and a Facebook friend hate each other. “

We’ll see if the end Cloak achieves settle or otherwise passed once downloaded product curiosity is forgotten. Guess what will happen is complicated, and survive or not what does seem clear is that little by little, we will see more projects of this type appear because although certainly man is a “social animal”, it is not infinitely, which is where we push social networking and constant interconnectivity.

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