IOS MAP 6 alert you to road

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Apple stops using Google Maps as its mapping application at its next version of its mobile operating system.

Has leaked another feature of the map application including iOS 6 , the new mobile operating system from Apple. Your driver guide servicealert from the streets and roads are under construction . The function has been discovered by a reader of the blog AppAdvice , who forwarded the information.

Apple wants the Google services are minimal in their phones . The next version of its mobile operating system, IOS 6, it will not with Google Maps and Youtube with the application , two apps that has always included since the launch of the first iPhone.

The new mapping application was created with the collaboration of  Tomtom , Waze -an application that generates a free map and updated thanks to input from its users-and even NASA. Want to offer a powerful alternative to Google Maps for Android, already driving guides offered natively, but not in its application for IOS .

IOS is expected that both the next iPhone in June as presented on September 12 , and available to buy few days later.

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