Amazon promotes Kindle Fire 8.9 HDX

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The iPad is the benchmark in the field of tablets. That knows everyone and especially rivals Apple are aware that to gain market share is almost mandatory ‘steal’ users of Apple signature. Therefore, there are few brands that attack the tablet of Cupertino ad in selling the benefits of your device.The latest to join this practice has been Amazon in the new announcement of its Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 .

In the spot, the giant e-commerce and cloud computing services, mocks Apple ads mimicking the company in which they emphasize the virtues of the iPad-even parodying the English accent Jonathan Ive , the senior vice president of design Apples-to continually go to rebutting the points at which Apple claims to be better. So, Amazon says its new 8.9-inch tablet has “a screen with more than a million pixels, is 20 percent lighter, and costs $ 120 less . “

Thus, Amazon wanted to stand as the best alternative to iPad Air ahead of the Christmas season with an aggressive strategy , which, according to the statistics did not work in any of the previous cases and other tablet manufacturers Apple continues to dominate sector .

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