WhatsApp refuses to hold negotiations with Google to sell the company

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The company has denied WhatsApp is in talks to sell the company to the giant Google . Thus, the company denies the information published Digital Trends, according to a source familiar with the matter, who claimed that the two companies were negotiating the sale of instant messaging service for about 1,000 million dollars (770 million euros).



  According to Digital Trends, talks to carry out the purchase began four or five weeks ago . In the event that this purchase would be carried out, the most popular Internet search engine would be a hole in one of the most popular markets today, instant messaging applications. However, Whatsapp itself has denied this information .

   The head of business development for WhatsApp, Neeraj Arora , confirmed the blog from The Wall Street Journal, AllThings D, the company is in talks with Google to acquire WhatsApp.

The company has been the subject of similar rumors in the past, with Facebook as the protagonist . The acquisition of the messaging service by the social network Mark Zuckerberg was rumored last December, however on this occasion the WhatsApp team also ensured that this information “did not fit the facts.”

   WhatsApp has become one of the most instant messaging applications popular worldwide. However it has to face stiff competition as Line or WeChat, struggling to become the number one application among users, especially after the controversy of the annual payments to Android users WhatsApp weeks ago.

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