The Nexus 10 already has official cover for sale on Google Play

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Although it has taken some time, is now finally on sale official cover Nexus 10 . It is available from this moment on Google Play, for a price of 29.99 €. There are two colors in which they could acquire this shield, scarlet and gray.

We say finally because usually when a user purchases a device expected to be available before long the more accessoriesbetter, and especially in the case of the sleeves that are essential for many people, as protective enough and more devices the case of a tablet it is usual to transport from one place to another.

The case is that the cover is available now and must comment that is perfectly suited to the structure of Nexus 10 with few edges are rounded perfectly fitted and will protect against bumps and falls.



The measures do not increase the size of the Nexus 10

This book cover is kind and fits perfectly to the contour of the tablet. It is also possible to remove the front shroud quickly and easily when so required. The measures that comprise this protection are 254 x 178 mm , the thickness is given by the own Nexus 10, so do not increase the size of the tablet, which is essential for bulky than transport. Furthermore, the weight is only 68 grams causing increases in excess, for the same reason that we argued before, their mobility does not become a nuisance. Needless to say, the cover is exclusive of Nexus 10 , therefore, any attempt to place it on another device will be unsuccessful.

As mentioned above, the case is available for purchase on Google Play which can be accessed from this link, at a price of € 29.99 which is not to be cheap, but the original accessories and also have to pay so you ensures that fits like a glove with your device.



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