U.S. Apple refuses to patent the brand iPad mini

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The Patent and Trademark Office U.S. ( USPTO , for its acronym in English) has denied the record company Apple brand iPad mini . According to the office, the brand is a name “merely descriptive” and does not create a unique meaning. The U.S. company has until next July to convince the USPTO that will accept the registration.

Apple Patent

Apple Patent

   Apple is still struggling to expand its patent portfolio so they can defend themselves against their rivals. In terms of technology and design, the U.S. company has a tough fight over the world with its largest rival Samsung Electronics , in relation to their iPhone and iPad devices and smartphones and ‘tablet’ Galaxy of South Korea.

   But when the trademark Apple has something more complicated. In the case of the iPad mini, the ‘tablet’ of 7.9 inches that the company launched last October, the Cupertino company will not name exclusively . The Patent and Trademark Office the company has refused to register the brand patent mini iPad.

   As recorded by the BBC, the USPTO has ensured that the brand iPad mini “merely describes a feature or characteristic of the goods of the applicant” . In addition, the terms “mini”, “pad” and the prefix “i-” were all descriptive.

   Or as individual terms or as a composite outcome, the mini iPad “creates a unique sense, inconsistent or not descriptive in relation to the goods which are small handheld mobile devices include mobile ‘tablets’ capable of providing Internet access. “

   Apple has been involved in other countries in relation to any of its brands. In Brazil, Apple has had to be in court with the company Gradiente Electronica , iFone owns the brand. Gradient had previously registered the name, so the authorities confirmed that could continue using it without incurring Apple offenses.

   For now, both companies aim to reach an amicable agreement on the need to solve the dispute and for which Apple could use the iPhone brand in Brazil.

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