The last piece of puzzle of Microsoft, Windows Phone 8

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It was the missing piece to complete the puzzle. Following the presentation of the past 25 days, only missing the mobile version of Windows 8 to gather all the powers of the new Microsoft operating system. The first also gives users the same interface on both computers and TV, tablets and smartphones . Windows has stopped finally being an isolated platform.

As with his “big brother”, from the same screen lock a Windows Phone 8 mobile can start to see information. Mail, calendar events, time, call …. Simply slide a finger up and let you see the Home screen typical of this operating system, with its mosaic of “tiles”, (active panels) that are much more than a simple icon. In fact, each of them shows relevant information that has applications “below”.

Live icons can be customized, where we want to place or change their size (small, medium or large). That is, without leaving the home screen can view appointments, messages to social networks, photos, favorite apps, music, direct links to internet … As the contacts are communicating with us by any means (post, mail, social networks …).As in the Windows 8 desktop, simply enter a contact to access all types of communication we have with him.

Windows Phone 8 also carries a complete package including Office , so you can work on the same documents that we have left in the office computer or tablet. The home screen is fully customizable and you can set each in their own interests. Thus, and a glance at a single screen, we can have an overview of what is happening in our digital life.

Just a single click to anchor the home screen every application, contact, bookmark, newspaper, song, game, photo, video, etc.. The same screen will appear later when we connect a tablet, or a computer, or via a TV XBox. Any changes we make in our screen, from any device, will automatically appear in the other.

And the same goes for documents. If we, for example, in the office and did not have time to finish a text, or a presentation, or an Excel spreadsheet, simply upload it to Skydrive (online service from Microsoft, with 7 GB free) and retrieve it later from any other of our devices to keep working on it. The same can be done tcon music. If we make a song, we immediately all other devices.

All our information also is always safe and accessible. Even if you lose your phone, no one can access our content, because they are encrypted.And we simply get another phone and enter our passwords to get everything back exactly as it was.

As in Windows 8, the panels also active mobile version gives access to complex functions and may participate in more than one application.For example, if you go into your contacts and select one from the touch screen itself that we call, send a message, write an email, view their status on Facebook or Twitter and put a message on any of these social networks. And all without having to switch applications.

In the case of mobile phones, that same philosophy has also been applied to other functions including the camera. Many users, in effect, downloading various applications that have access to the camera, and those applications are often scattered and never found when needed.However, from the camera of a mobile phone with Windows Mobile 8 simply tap the “Camera Modes” for all these applications appear together in a list and can select the best for us at that time.

Another new feature of Windows Mobile 8 is called “Youth Corner”. If we have a safety pin, the lock screen does not rise. But that can be slid to the left, to an alternative screen where you can enable access to specific content. It is ideal to avoid, for example, that children with mobile trasteen and enter applications that should not. In the children’s corner, and no need to change user or enter a pin, so the little ones can find their favorite games and applications without the risk of handling important documents or professional applications.

The system also allows the creation of Salas . These specific groups of contacts (leisure or work). We’ll just create a room, define who can get into it and from that moment we can chat with members and share with them the calendar or even create a document (in One Note) that anyone can edit at a time. One way to share things safely and only with whoever we want.

A detail. Despite what has been said on the Internet in recent days, Windows Phone 8 is compatible with applications developed for Windows Phone 7.5. However, it is true that they develop from now (for Windows Mobile 8) will not work for earlier versions. In the shop there and Windows Phone 8 120 000 applications.

Following the presentation, were made by the representatives of HTC and Nokia, the two handset makers that will launch the first mobile operating system before Christmas. For HTC, will be the new Windows Phone Windows Phone 8S and 8X. For Nokia, the new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920.

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