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The release date of the new Google Nexus 5  the unknown but we have to assume it will be around November. Now we have done the odd article on the future of Google terminal in a few months will be among us.

Nexus 5

Nexus 5

With the falling prices of the current Google Nexus 4 that occurred last week rumors about the arrival of the new terminal of Google have only to climb the roof and this has caused everybody is eager for news and rumors about The new Google Nexus 5 . We therefore believe that this is the ideal time for you make a summary of what we know of the new terminal of Google.

One of the first things that have leaked is that Motorola could be working on a Google Nexus 4 2013 version like Google has done with its Nexus 7 to get a Nexus 7 version 2013. This in principle would give us a little disappointed because there would be Google Nexus May this year and if a review of the previous model. However we do not believe that this is a big problem because from our point of view the only thing that would happen if this were true, is that the name of the new terminal of Google would be different than expected, but the terminal and its characteristics would remain the same as if you had called Google Nexus 5 .

Other rumors suggest that Google will continue to work with LG to manufacture the new Nexus and even including Sony, always candidates make a Nexus phone, goes back into the pools to be the manufacturer of the new terminal of Google.

What is clear is that whoever the manufacturer can be sure that the new Google Nexus 5 will have amazing specifications that would put him at the top of the range of Android or very close to it. A few days ago we present a concept with impressive features of the new Google Nexus 5  in which were spoken somewhat implausible things as 4 GB of RAM. However, since we focus on some features  more restrained as a Snapdragon processor 600, but at this point we doubt it is not a big leap compared to the current Snapdragon S4 Pro Google Nexus 4. Another feature that we believe more realistic is the inclusion of two or at most 3 GB RAM in the new Google Nexus 5 . We believe that a point to improve the Google Nexus 5 and so we think this will be a big improvement over its predecessor. And of course we expect Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

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