CSIC researchers developed a material for quantum computers

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  • The so-called ‘nanowires’ small points of light produced
  • Serve for computers that work at speeds “approaching that of light”

CSIC Spanish researchers have developed a material (tiny threads called ‘nanowires’) that produce tiny dots of light that will serve for future quantum computers, ie those who work at rates “close to the speed of light.”

This has been explained the researcher from the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), Jordi Arbiol.

The research is published this Sunday in the journal Nature Materials , and according Arbiol these new nanowires, which are compatible with current electronic technology could also be used in solar panels to collect light and then convert it into energy.

According Arbiol, this “is the first time you get to create, visualize and analyze this type of structures.”

The light emitted from these quantum dots has a high purity or monochromaticity , and its intensity is higher than similar systems used hitherto.

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