New round of Apple-Samsung lawsuit

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They had left a little exhausted by so many trials, but the Apple-Samsung saga continues to keep its promises. While in the news, Apple would no longer get “only” $ 411 million for the rape of his intellectual property by Samsung, both competitors return to court.

In fact, Apple had won. His rights were recognized, validated its patents, and in August 2012, it had obviously been a strike. Samsung will pay $ 1.05 billion for infringement of intellectual property on 28 of its aircraft.

Alas, the jury had miscounted. Hence the decline of the fine, Judge Lucy Koh Also known pugnacity to follow with the file, she asked for a new trial to determine damages. The verdict is safe, therefore, and Apple should always be compensated.

The Apple does not yet know how much he meant to ask, but it should not take long to learn more, while Bloomberg announced the resumption of the dispute to court. Probably more than 411 million results. Apple should not be difficult to raise the final bill for Samsung, but how …

If everyone agrees that the damage will be significant, they can not relate to 13 products. With strict conditions: only those already heard the first trial will be acceptable as a witness. However, Apple changed its expert compensation calculation.

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