Internet Explorer 11 available as “Release Preview”

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Well,  Microsoft announced the new version of its Internet Explorer browser, which is number 11 and
is now available for download the “Release Preview” , i.e the trial version, which can be used by any user, unlike the previous ones, which were available only for developers.

Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer 11

Throughout the summer have been known information about possible new features of this browser, as the possible  support WebGL and 3D technology .

Already in its developer conference “Build”, Microsoft stated that it was working to announce the availability of the earlier Internet Explorer to Windows 7, and apparently, they are meeting the deadlines religiously by all.

In the words of the company, this new browser version will be a leap in quality, being the fastest web browser in the market , ahead of even the new version will launch Firefox, with (again according to them) to 30% faster than this new phase of the Mozilla browser.

In the press release issued by Microsoft has also confirmed that version “Release Preview” is somewhat faster than the “Developer Preview” released in July, improving average of 144ms to 137ms SunSpider .

This allowed developers version support HTML5 and showed clear improvements in many aspects such as faster loading and performance.

However, we must make it quite clear that this is a trial version, and although much resembles what will be the final, there are still some details to polish and improve some aspects that give the final touch.

It is expected that the final version appears before end of year, so do not have to wait long to see the final improvements that Microsoft introduced in the new version of its browser, and above all, check that speed they say we will leave all speechless.

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