Email Marketing Services Control the Message and the List of Subscribers

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Recent marketing studies indicate that a large number of businesses rely heavily upon email marketing to send their message to their potential customers.  Email is chosen as the method of marketing over social media and other more traditional means. The conversion rate in 2012 was large enough to convince over 56 percent of the merchants to increase their email marketing budget for 2013. Email continues to be the most popular means of communication, especially in the mobile age.

Email continues to have the highest click through rate of any other marketing channel available. This is a good reason to choose email marketing campaign services at in order to get the most money for your advertising dollars.

The use of Facebook as a viable marketing channel has declined within the last couple years due to many businesses finding that their efforts are being thwarted by Facebook’s restrictions. The number of posts that are shown to the fan base in Facebook is less than the number of posts sent out. Facebook wants businesses to buy advertising through their site, so they have begun to block a percentage of legitimate posts in an effort to get businesses to buy ads.

This type of behavior is fine for Facebook fan pages that are not used for marketing. Businesses that were relying upon Facebook as a marketing channel are now switching back to email. With email, the business has the ability to control the message and the customer list. This makes email a better place for the business to put their advertising dollars.

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