Google Chrome Canary- The Google Desktop Browser

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One of the best services that Google Android have now: the alert system in the form of cards, with relevant information on the weather, the distance and the best route to work, reminders of important appointments, the results of sporting events favorite team, etc.. 
Google Now is the personal assistant which users can get much use on their mobile devices, but now also be found on their desktops.

Users of Chrome Canary, the trial version of Google desktop browser, you can see the same cards they saw on your mobile device, with relevant information for surfing the web. 

And if it is not installed in Chrome Canary PC, no problem, because you can download and use will not interfere at all with the stable version of Chrome that has the computer. 
Once Chrome Canary is installed, the user has to do to activate notifications Now of Google on your desktop in either Windows or Mac, and you enter the following into the address bar of Chrome Canary: chrome :/ / flags / # enable-google-now and then restart your computer.

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