Google+ updates its mobile apps

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Google has released an update Google+ applications for iOS and Android . The main changes are the filters of photos and the ability to share location, by improving the overall visibility of Google+.

These photo features of Google+ are the result of the acquisition by Google Snapseed. Include basic edits like rotate and crop photos, filters similar to Instagram on the iPhone application, controls to adjust saturation, contrast and brightness, and comparison with the original photo by clicking on the image. Google has encouraged users who want more control over the photos to download the application Snapseed .

The update also gives users the option to share your location with specific circles . According to the explanation of the company, reflected by resources , “if you enable this option, you will decide who can see your location available through Google.”

In addition, Google has increased the density of information , updates incorporate more in less space.The more text messages now displayed by default, both in posts and in comments. The preview of the images will be cut only on rare occasions, and messages displayed ‘+1’, comments and reshares more striking.Now it will also be possible to scroll through photo albums.

This major upgrade weighted shown that Google is serious in its attempt to turn your social network into a real competitor against Facebook and Twitter . Updates are already available on Google Play and the App Store.

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