Google is all set to authenticate licensing for the use of Android

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More and more people are interested in great technological giant and everything he does. Really though, what Google thinks of all this? Although not enough, Google is not bad guy or anything, and at the end, like everything in life, it comes to synergies all enjoy, though it can not be a hypocrite, someone will come out winning.

When there is something, either a product or a service, which has a market share that touches almost insulting to the competition, when imbalances occur in every way that eventually leads to other consequences. This is what might be happening with Google and Android , the free operating system developed by “searching” and that manufacturers use.

But the controversy has arisen following the announcement that Google would be quite demanding with their customers using Android and licensing to adapt their various applications . Now they have jumped the alarm about the real “freedom” to use Android as the conditions for doing so have changed and now the requirement to do certain things would be much higher.

Although the certification process is fairly quiet, thanks to a newly filtered data document called the “Distribution Agreement Mobile Application” (MAD), we now get a more accurate look of what goes on behind all the success of Google and Android.

This is not the first time we’ve heard or seen information related to MADA, but the last time was a 2009 version, which dates back to the era of Android 1.1. For example one of the most curious things that Google Play is all or nothing, that is, for a manufacturer to access the Play Store, an OEM must agree to install other applications of Google “necessary”, including Google Voice Search, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Talk (now Hangouts), Google Maps and so on.

In addition, there are also requirements on positioning applications, the distribution thereof by the terminal, so a host of issues left in doubt that “freedom” to operate and all the Google Android environment. Manufacturer sales data are also required for Google to have all that information at will. Definitely something that should make us reflect on the power that the company is acquiring oddly indirectly.

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