Google ignores WebKit engine to create your own Blink

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When everything suggested that WebKit would like the rendering engine of unified pages for the vast majority of browsers, Google has announced that the company has created a new branch in order to produce their own web engine called Blink .


Chromium WebKit

Chromium WebKit

With the step taken, Google may make changes to the rendering engine with more freedom of what was happening in the case of WebKit . In fact Google has posted a blog entry in order to explain why they have taken this decision.

Since WebKit , originally created by Apple as a derivative of the rendering engine KHTML , was being used by 20 companies, from now on the Google Chrome browser and Apple’s Safari take different paths. Now Google will make the same process with its Blink engine.

In our opinion, the result of this decision will surely detriment of users, who have to prepare to meet future incompatibilities, as has been the case until relatively recently when the web browser developers chose to implement different rendering engines for web pages.

According to information provided by Google, the main reason for undertaking the development of Blink is that Chromium uses a multithreaded architecture different from other browsers based on WebKit, so that, for years, support multiple architectures has resulted in a complex exceisva communities both WebKit and Chromium, slowing the pace of innovation.

With the future Blink rendering engine, Google hopes to provide among other engine improvements DOM and JavaScript faster and greater degree of safety for the platform.

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