iOS 6.1.3 has battery problems

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iOS 6.1.3 is suffering serious problems of battery that are affecting a lot of users.



And is that Apple has had a lot of problems with your operating system for mobile devices since they launched iOS version 6. If we look back we might almost say, the company has experienced some kind of problem on all iOS versions released after 7. But do not be alarmed because apparently from the company’s own plan to launch very soon an update will fix this battery failure in iOS 6.1.3 .

This new problem surfaced a few days ago and since then has become one of the problems affecting a greater number of users. Now, a regular user of the communities support Apple has managed to find a definitive solution to this problem.

All that said, the same user has concluded that turning off iCloud setting can greatly extend battery life. For now, a lot of users who have already implemented such a “trick” commented through forums that really empower their batteries has increased considerably.

Furthermore, it is worth to note that this should be applied for each email account that you stay at the terminal for the results to take effect.

This bine as you have been able to sense, it is not an official solution but rather they can serve many users to temporarily deal with battery problems appeared in iOS 6.1.3 .

It is assumed that Apple will release an update soon to fix definitively all errors seen so far.

It is now that we would like to know the opinion of our readers.

Have you experienced any problems in this version of iOS 6.1.3 ? . Would you served this little “trick”?

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