Google and LG worked together on the Nexus

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As per the resources, Google CEO, Larry Page, and CEO of LG, Koo Bon-Joon, have had an important business meeting in South Korea, in theory, would have served to discuss important issues professional relationship that both companies have maintained.

Thus, the paper has given initiated collaboration between the Korean and the Mountain View for the development of a new smartphone in the Nexus range, and also highlighted a possible new avenue of contact between the two companies, pointing to the division of LG TV business and Google Glass.

 LG Google Nexus 5 630x354Google and LG are working together on the next Nexus

As we know the smartphone Nexus 4 is the result of Google-LG relationship, following the decision of android dismiss Samsung as a manufacturer, so it is not at all strange that the Mountain View have opted again by LG for manufacturing Nexus 5.

It is expected that this new Nexus appears during the third quarter and that has among its specifications with 2 GB of RAM, 4-core CPU and probably Android 5.0.

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