Facebook sets a price list for messages to celebrities

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Facebook has begun to take in 36 countries to send messages to celebrities. Currently there are no plans for the system is implemented in Spain, according to the spokesman has said the social network in Spain.“It is only a little experiment.”



In December began in the United States this system, as explained in social network has no collection effort but a measure to reduce spam. In January, a surfer who wanted to send a message to the network’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, he found that he appeared a notice asking him $ 100, payable on the spot, if you want this message to reach the mailbox input Zuckerberg’s account, if renounced the payment, the end message in the mailbox of “other”. When made public, Facebook removed that rate.

“The main objective is to prevent spam “, explained in the press office of Facebook Spain. “If a person wants to send a message and you’re his friend, you really think about it before, and it’s an important message, for example a business opportunity …”.

Although introduced in the U.S. in December, the novelty is the system of rates that are established and, according to the organization, not in any way mean a scale based on the degree of celebrity, but it handles an algorithm taking into account in any case, the number of followers.

If in the U.S., the scale ranges between 5 and 15 dollars, in the UK, as published on Sunday, The Sunday Times , the rates range from 71 pence (0.83 euros) to 10.68 pounds (12, 5 euros). For some journalists would lower and girlfriend of Prince Harry, Gressida Bonas. The highest toll have some athletes, including Olympic swimmer, Tom Daley, and a little below the writer Salman Rusdhie.

“This system applies only to personal profiles, not pages, and only receives at most one message a week,” Facebook explained in Spain.“As public figures, Facebook has implemented a slightly higher ratio depending inter alia on the country where they are and whether they have received recently paid messages.”

Although money is at the expense of the famous, this never receive part of the proceeds. “Not referred to in any case,” says Facebook Spain.The fee is justified to prevent spam, but always mail is sent and reaches its destination, but to a different mailbox. Currently, in Spain there is no rate hikes. “We are in an experimental stage yet.”

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