Facebook offers 50 new options for sexual identity

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With very little effort, surely, recoding some programming lines, the largest social network in the world offers an opportunity for a lot of users out of the darkness. Just during the celebrations of  Valentine’s Day, Facebook announced that instead of users having only two options when it comes to identifying their gender: male or female (a third possibility is to hide the gender), now the list is extended to 50 possibilities – those who prefer to use a different gender, such as homosexuals or transsexuals may specify, if they wish, along with a pronoun that allows them to be identified as he or she. 

Superficially it looks like a minor change, the fact is that the decision to Facebook to recognize other genres within its platform and allow users to decide whether these come to light, or not, opens a huge door to dialogue.Customize your profile is simple. The function shown as Custom or Customize is now next to the Male and Female options on the Edit Profile page. Then a blank text box where the user can select their gender between 50 possibilities appears. Users who choose a custom gender, can also control who can see your status specifically. In this way, avoid sharing personal information with one or more of your contacts.

Facebook seems to have also recognized the possibility of causing any damage to the image of its users so it offers absolute freedom to be themselves who decide how, when and who are allowed to see their genus.

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