Facebook fails to buy SnapChat for 3,000 million

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Giant Facebook could not buy a dwarf called Snapchat, youth social network, as three million is not enough for it.

As per the resources, the price paid by Facebook for SnapChat , is much higher than their income, their financial assessment even to its users, but they have something that Facebook seeks desperately, as seen by the attempt, youth . The same who tried to get with the purchase of Instagram.

Snapchat, created by the young Bobby Murphy (24) and Even Spiegel (22 years) for two years at Stanford University, has 5 million daily users sending 350 million messages, according to data from resources. In December, the users were three million and sent 60 million photos.

A few months ago, the network got a funding of 65 million dollars (48 million euros) and the company was valued at 850 million dollars (595 million euros).

In these two years, Snapchat has been adding features like video and, in October, its function Story, where images remain valid for 24 hours before being deleted.

Although SnapChat is often criticized because their system is mainly used to send racy photos, because of its self-destruct in seconds, its founders hope that the value of the company continue to grow in users and messages so until next year have not plan to listen to offers.

The offering of Facebook is the largest of its history. So far the record was the acquisition of Instagram, you paid one billion dollars (765 million euros). photographic filters Applying had 30 million users and that they , at that time, served only for iPhone. Now was the sixth triple by users.

The first initiative of the social network reflects your concern about the leak of young users, or at least not increase, as managers revealed in the last presentation of economic performance of the network. SnapChat could remedy that hole, but also relied on Instagram for it and, apparently, has not tackled the problem.

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