Bug in Google Webmaster Tools provides permissions restore deleted

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A bug in the Google Webmaster Tools gives people access again, the justification had been erased. This would allow, for example, former employees, to delete the Home of the previous employer from Google’s search index or block access to other Google statistics.


The bug was on The Next Web reported. It refers to Goedegebuure Dennis, who previously worked as head of SEO at eBay, but for 15 months is no longer working there.He recently got yet again claims to access eBay’s Google tools. Also other SEO specialists point to the configuration problem that is not, therefore, seem to be limited to Ebay.

In SEO blogs is recommended in the company currently Competent themselves to log into Google Webmaster Tools and check the access permissions. Whether changes to it but this time run flawlessly and permanently remain valid, is not known.

This year, Google had about the Webmaster Tools already expanded to include a tool to check with the webmaster and site owner can specify which of its pages have been indexed Google’s robots. This was previously only available individually, and page by page. In “Index Status” on the other hand noted that search engine, how many pages of a site have been indexed over time.

In October was followed by a tool, whose abuse was not harmless: With ” Disavow links “(” distancing oneself from links “) is the first time webmasters possible to eliminate irrelevant or defamatory links on their site that may hurt their ranking.

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