Chrome 26, Google renews its dictionary of suggestions

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 has released a new stable version of its browser Google Chrome . As usual, this platform has received a number of lower-level improvements and fixed some security problems suffered previous versions. The main improvement that we find in this release refers to the performance of automatic word correction incorporating the browser. From now on, the dictionary of Google also made ​​suggestions on the terms we write using their own search results. ‘ll have all the news of the new Chrome and offer you a download link at end of article.



As mentioned, most of the efforts of the engineers of Google in this release have focused on improving the functionality of your dictionary. This dictionary allows, when creating a web page (such as this site), we corrected the words written incorrectly. For this, the user simply has to press the right mouse button within the term that is underlined in red and then make the choice between the various suggestions offered. This tool works similarly to what we can find in a word processor like Word .

On one hand, it has improved the performance of this dictionary with a greater amount of terms (and added three more languages, Korean, Tamil and Albanian). But what really will be a leap in the use of this tool are the suggestions based on the context . Thus, not only corrected the terms in order to how they are written, but also taking into account the grammatical construction of the sentence, the gender of the articles, etc.. This functionality is complemented by the ability to review the Google search results to correct those terms that are spelled correctly but that may be a mistake. For instance, if we write Brad Pit, this second term is grammatically correct in English, but Google will offer the option to write the name correctly (Pitt).

Dictionary of Google Chrome

Indeed, the trouble with this new feature is that currently only available in English , so we’ll have to wait a few weeks to reach this exciting Spanish soil improvement. What we can use as is the improvement in thesynchronization of the dictionary . This means we can add new words to the dictionary on a computer and sync the program so that these words appear on any computer you’re using.

The other feature that has been incorporated into Chrome 26 is the ability to create shortcuts on your computer that lead directly to a certain profile (if we use multiple profiles). This avoids having to switch users from within the program. In addition, they have fixed some security holes that were in previous versions of the browser. Users who already have this browser should receive the update automatically.Otherwise, just go to the menu of three horizontal bars on the right and then “Google Chrome Information” . The browser will look for program updates and then download the latest offer.

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