Windows Phone: third mobile operating system in several European countries

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Gradually, the effort seems Microsoft has done and is doing with Windows Phone are paying off.According to Kantar, Windows Phone is the third most used operating system in several major European economies , including Britain, Germany and Italy.

In these three countries is already a Windows Phone 6.7%, 6.8% and 13.1% of the mobile market, respectively, with significant increases over the same period last year (December and January 2011 and February 2012). Unsurprisingly, Android and iOS are still the most widely used mobile operating systems . RIM (BlackBerry) and Symbian are the negative note in the last three months.

windows phone

windows phone

Windows Phone has become a key part of Microsoft’s future. The Redmond company was late to the new stage in the mobile world that Apple launched in 2007 with the iPhone and iOS. So for several months and has developed several initiatives to promote Windows Phone among both users and developers , with the goal of making the third Windows Phone mobile operating system worldwide.

It seems that efforts are beginning to offer the first positive results . For the good trend to continue will be key to the excellence of Nokia with Windows Phone and more manufacturers bet on that operating system.

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