Walk for Fukushima ghost town thanks to Google Street View

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The March 11, 2011, a major earthquake struck Fukushima, Japan. The disaster caused damage and human multiple, among which the nuclear leakage. There are still areas where the radioactivity does not allow humans to walk again, but that is not an impediment to the Google cars.

google maps

google maps

   Namie-Machi is a village in the Fukushima prefecture was one of the areas most affected by the major earthquake off the east coast of Japan, and the resulting aftershocks and tsunamis. Its 21,000 inhabitants were evacuated from their homes due to nuclear pollution and today, more than two years later, still unable to return.

   That’s why Google, which is always breaking barriers with its mapping service, has brought him one of his cars. Google Street View not only delves into the deep sea or on the highest peaks, to which almost any man can get … Also wanders territories for a normal man could not walk without endangering their health.

   The company has posted a blog entry in which the mayor of Namie-Machi, Tamotsu Baba, thank explained that by working with Google, “have been able to drive the Street View cars through to Namie-Machi capture panoramic images of the abandoned city exactly as it is today. “

   “From now on,” continued Baba, these images “are available in Google Maps and web Memories for the Future, for any of Namie or anywhere else in the world can see it.” “We appreciate if you could see this selection of images in Street View and so understand the current state of the city and the tremendous gravity of the situation.”

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