The plastic bulb that can destroy the fluorescent

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U.S. Scientists at Wake Forest University are convinced that soon we will say goodbye to that annoying buzz created by overhead fluorescent bulbs in the office. The reason is that they have developed a new plastic bulb which, as explained, is more efficient, no flickering, no breaks and no burning . Also emits white light and smooth, without the yellow glow of the tubes or LEDs bluish.

The new lighting technology is based on the technology of induced field on a polymer electroluminescent (FIPEL). “People often complain that fluorescent lights bother your eyes, and the hum of the pipes irritate anyone sitting at a desk beneath them,” says physicist David Carroll, head of development of this technology in Wake Forest . “The new lights we have created can solve these two problems and more,” he says.

The team used the nanoengineering to create a completely new light bulb that is described in the journal Organic Electronics. The device is made of three layers of a polymer emitting white moldable mixed with a small amount of nanomaterials that glow when stimulated to createlight perfectly bright white like sunlight, which prefers the human eye. However, can be made in any color and shape for both lamps for home and office use.


Its creators claim that this new lighting solution is at least twice as efficient as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and placed on a par with the LEDs, but these bulbs do not break and contaminate a house such as fluorescent or emit light bluish as LEDs. “Do you want lights that have a spectral content in a building attractive? Want a light bulb is not broken and spread hazardous materials while your children are around? “Carroll question regarding your invention.

The Wake Forest team is the first to make a large scale FIPEL can replace the current office lighting and is based on the natural white light. Beyond its use in homes and workplaces, Carroll believes that can also be used in large illuminations, as shelters or posters to shops buses or subway cars.

The FIPEL also appear to be long lasting. Carroll claims to have worked with one for a decade.

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