The Nokia Catwalk could be presented on May 15 in London

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The successor of the Nokia Lumia 920 could be just around the corner. So says an Internet portal that says that the new Nokia Catwalk could be staged next May . This terminal, with a similar look to the current flagship of the Nordic, would have a stronger chassis yet. And a more premium .




A few weeks ago which has been hearing the possibility that Nokia will launch a new high-end equipment . His code name is Catwalk . And one of its main virtues is the change of material that would have been used to build the chassis: it would have all-aluminum body , which would set aside the current policabornato that is used in models sold the company today.

From the blog My Nokia Blog have echoed a possible submission for the month of May, more specifically the 15th . And what is best of all? Well, although from the beginning it was expected that only became available in the catalog of offers U.S. operator T-Mobile, it seems that the plans have changed, and its launch will be global . The presentation, meanwhile, would take place in the city of London.

nokia catwalk presentation May 15

As regards technical characteristics has not been found to have some significant changes compared to its counterpart in policarbomato the Lumia 920 . Although among the possible changes could be a camera somewhat improved . Although this figure has not been confirmed. Therefore, the customer could expect a smartphone that worked on the latest version of the icons of Microsoft, Windows Phone 8 .

Does your screen size? If one looks at the Nokia Lumia 920, the Nokia Catwalk should not lose the 4.5 inch diagonal and not getting a lower resolution to 1280 x 720 pixels . Moreover, all these numbers will have to add a screen more sensitive than normal. On the other hand, your processor is more than safe-if it comes true presentation-consisting of dual core with a working frequency of 1.5 GHz : be a model Qualcomm Snapdragon.

To all this, it is possible that the Nokia Catwalk add a slot to increase its internal capacity to store files ; Nokia Lumia 920 has 32 ​​GB of space, to which we must add, always, seven gigabytes that offers Internet-based service Microsoft SkyDrive also payment may be increased up to 100 GB.

As for connections, Nokia has bet its latest handsets by adding all kinds of connectivity, both wired and without them . And it is a section that highlights technologies like NFC ( Near Field Communication), support for WiFi networks with different type of encryption password, or the ability to charge your battery without cables.

But beware, another reason why teams Nokia stand out against other market options based on the same platform is the large number of applications own which adds to their handsets: Nokia Vista Urbana, Nokia Music, Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive + .


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