The Nexus 4 receives a small facelift

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Google has introduced a silent some tweaks to the design of Nexus 4, the latest smartphone to date company. These changes are pretty simple and do not affect the general appearance much less power or performance.

LG Nexus4

LG Nexus4

On the one hand we have the introduction of a kind of bumps in the small rear terminal, a small detail that is intended to prevent the phone from getting scratched and that the speaker is plugged, something that can easily happen to leave for example on the table.

4 camera design nexus Nexus 4 receives a small facelift

Furthermore find a change in the design of the opening for the lens of the rear chamber which, as seen in the image has been reduced in size. Some may think that this change is due to a better control of the light entering the sensor, but that is just an exaggeration, so this change seems to bepurely aesthetic. Having seen we can conclude that the present owners of a Nexus 4 have no reason to worry about the slight design change.

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