Scientists have “new recipe? On the formation of the Earth

The Earth is thought to have been formed about 4.6 billion years ago by collisions in the giant disc-shaped cloud of material that also formed the Sun. Gravity slowly gathered this gas and dust together into clumps that became asteroids and small early planets called planetesimals.


Globovision / A similar “body” the planet Mercury could be one of “key ingredients” for the core of the Earth incorporate the source responsible for the creation of its magnetic field energy in their origins, today unveiled the journal Nature. That is the scenario described by scientists at Britain’s University of Oxford Anke Wohlers and Bernard Wood in a study that presents a “new recipe” on the formation of our planet. This new context could also serve to explain, as they say the authors in the text, why “the abundant presence of certain rare elements” found in the Earth’s mantle does not fit with current theories so far about planet formation. In 2012, a team of scientists from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS ) reported that it had found that the formation of Earth, contrary to what I thought until then, was not caused by the collision of a single type of meteorites. Three years later, Wohlers and Woods argue that the crust and the mantle exhibit “ratio of rare metals” such as samarium and neodymium higher than that of most meteorites (Sm / Nd), from which it is assumed that “had grown Earth.” In experiments that have replicated the conditions of formation of the Earth, the two experts noted that the addition of non-metallic (rocky) meteorite rich in sulfur, such as those in Mercury, could have caused this anomaly. These non-metallic meteorites, also known as enstatite chondrites of might have contributed to the formation of Earth’s core rich in sulfur capable of holding enough uranium and thorium with which feed the “geodynamo” responsible for the existence of the earth’s magnetic field. Previous studies have tried to explain the high ratio Sm / Nd considering that there is a “hidden deposit” with a “low complementary ratio” in Sm / Nd in the mantle or that the material was stripped of Earth collision. Also, remember the authors, other models are based on an Earth “less rusty” and “low sulfur” presented scenarios in which heat generating elements were unable to dissolve a rich Earth’s core in iron. The findings of Wohlers and Woods seems to solve the “problem of unknown source energy dynamo “, as highlighted in another article published today by Nature scientist Richard Carlson. In his article, entitled “A new recipe on the formation of the Earth,” Carlson indicates that his experiments explored the consequences of the theory suggesting that “building blocks” that created the Earth changed “systematically” composition during the training process. “he says Its results lead us to the intriguing conclusion that if the formation of the Earth began with building blocks very chemically reduced the metal core of the planet could contain enough uranium to fuel convection created and maintained, the magnetic field of the Earth for more than 3,000 million years. ” Source: EFE With InformationGlobovision

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