Asteroid the size of the Statue of Liberty could hit Earth in 2017?

Like something out of a Hollywood movie, there is a new danger that threatens to affect life on our planet, and an astronomer at the University of Texas postulated that an asteroid already heading for Earth.


Astronomer Judith Cyötgyey-Ries , based on his observations, explained that a celestial body the size of the Statue of Liberty would impact on Earth to October 2017 . Speaking Judith became a British media, so this asteroid could would cause broken windows, but this would depend on “where to hit.” He also expressed that the object already passed close to Earth in October 2012. But Cyötgyey view contrasts with that of Detlef Koschny, chief of the division of Near-Earth objects of the European Space Agency, who said no one chance in a million of the asteroid collides us. Koschny stated that an object 40 meters could make a crater 10 meters and one “would hardly be noticed. ” Will we see the impact of a small asteroid on Earth in 2017? BGA

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