Nikon, ready to draw his future … Android?

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And if future cameras operated with the same operating system as mobile phones? Unfounded rumor or real revolution? We’ll know a little more on August 22 at the launch of the latest camera from Nikon, the Coolpix S800 which would, in all likelihood be equipped with the Android operating system .

At first glance, the connection between these two tools is not easy to do, but on second thought, it would offer many advantages to potential buyers but also to the two giants of the high-tech specialists. Holders of such devices would gain significant time savings if it were to be confirmed.

Indeed, it would become possible to publish and share photos instantly through the operating system from Google. To do this, the device would have Wi-Fi and a GPS receiver according to the latest indiscretions. The market for photo applications should be boosted in the coming weeks if the new adventure was to formalize.

When you know that the Google OS totaled nearly 70% market share of smartphones in the second quarter 2012, the case seems tempting for Nikon.  Especially since it probably is timely partnership for the Japanese firm. Indeed, the group of image technologies whose turnover is estimated at over $ 7 billion a year suffering in recent months of fierce competition imposed by smartphones that act as cameras.


Product quality will he sufficient to counter the increasing share of larger smartphones? Response from 22 August if all goes well.

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