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The search giant has again been involved in a bitter controversy. A leaked report reveals late most disturbing practice. And is that Google would be storing all network access passwords WiFi for all those devices running Android . It seems that mobile phones and tablets equipped from Android 2.2 (this includes all versions up until today) would be sent back to the headquarters of Google ‘s WiFi network password to which they are accessed. In fact, considering that according to the latest report from IDC , during the second quarter of this year it sold a whopping 187 million Android phones , the figure would be multiplied by five to 748 million phones in 2013 of which Google would know the password to one or more networks WiFi . This is not counting the tablets also work with this operating system.

Google with Android

Google with Android

Explains this report published and distributed by Computer World , Google keep this document secret, so that no person or team could use. Nevertheless, the idea that Google is storing these passwords somewhere in their offices Mountain View does not leave anything alone. On devices with Android 2.3.4 just go to section Configuration and press, then on Privacy . In these cases, Google gets the password to WiFi through the option “Backup on my settings” in models of HTC or “Back up my data” at the terminals of Samsung . Unfortunately, none of these two spaces is marked WiFi , a detail that could provide clues about the type of configuration data that actually stores the signature.

In Android 4.2 (one of the newer versions of this platform) we will track through the section ConfigurationThe mechanism that is responsible for obtaining and storing this data is called: “Backup Google’s servers for application data, WiFi passwords and other settings” .

It is possible that the user has collated what kind of data is stored. In fact, Android contains a wide range of configuration options. This information, however, is supported on the guide some devices , indicating that the failure to save the configuration can be very positive for export to a new device if you acquired simultaneously or later. In some textbooks, such as the Galaxy Nexus , it is stated that “If you check this option, a wide variety of their personal data will be automatically supported, including WiFi passwords , browser bookmarks, installed applications, the words added to the dictionary and most custom settings “.

The problem is maximized when we realize that Google stores data not only access our WiFi networkmore often: the home, for example. The system is also responsible for gathering information from the public networks, so that the signature of Mountain View can obtain accurate data on the places we visit and make a route, if you like. This information, if the competent authorities in the United States so require , may be submitted at any time and studied by the security services.

In this regard, we recommend:

1. Access section Configuring your device Android (either smartphone or tablet) and Backup.

Two. An interesting option may be to factory reset the data, but in this case I recommend that you disable only the box “Copy Me” . Then you will be displayed the following question: Would you stop backing up the passwords WiFi , bookmarks and other settings and data applications, and delete all copies of the servers of Google ? Simply tap on the option OK .

Three. Finally, you should change the password for your WiFi or restore factory settings if you had changed and on occasion.

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