NASA launches website with infographics on space missions

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The JPL site also allows users to share the material published on social networks

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) of NASA , launched on Wednesday a database with infographics, images and scientific data sent on missions to space.

The JPL site also allows users to share the material published on social networks. Icons on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and e-mail appear on every page of the site.

Furthermore, it is possible to create the illustrations from information published by NASA. Simply do a free on-site registration.

Who can create some infographic send the file to be reviewed by experts from NASA. There are also how to share in creating a gallery site.

NASA believes that infographics are a way to transform concepts, ideas and complex technical data into visual images, creative and educational. Thus, it becomes easier to understand and popularize space exploration.

By allowing Internet users to create their own illustrations, NASA believes that it is easier to attract a new audience. Moreover, it can help those who already had access to the data to view them in a new way.

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